Monday, November 24, 2008

John Heinrich, Steel Guitar Demonstration, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, 11/23/08

The very best thing about what I do here in supporting artists is watching the circle expand. Here's how this one went. I met artist manager extraordinare Judy Whiting on Nashville Music Pros. Virtuoso sax player and steel guitar player John Heinrich is her client. So, Judy invited me to John's steel guitar demonstration this past Sunday at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Before that all happens, I met Judy and John for the first time at the Radio Free Nashville station after John's interview.

John Heinrich is an extraordinary talent who plays many instruments besides steel guitar and saxophone. He's also a cool, humble guy. In his demonstration he gave us the history of the pedal steel guitar, the lap steel guitar (most commonly used in Hawaiian recordings) and the dobro and showed us how they worked. Of course, he played a couple of songs on each instrument. He invited any brave souls to come up and try the steel guitar (one did...certainly not me. I've never played a "normal" guitar, never mind working up the nerve to attempt pedal steel!). Now John made us promise not to tell this, so you didn't hear it from me. He did one song on pedal steel I hoped he would play, which was his arrangement of a modern jazz classic. (Hint: you can hear it on his MySpace profile.) As someone who is basically a fan first and never played an instrument for any length of time, I have to appreciate the opportunity to take a look through the window of a musician's world this way. It's very enlightening and gives you a greater respect for the entire creative process.

Again, one other cool thing about this event is meeting new people and especially those for the first time in person that I've communicated with online for awhile. And, to have these people accept what I do and include me on these and other events is very gratifying.

When the circle expands, it's a joyful thing.

What a weekend. I'm a blessed gal to be in this town.

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