Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weekend Roundup 7/10-12

I'm just a little bit behind here with reporting in. I had a couple of events to prepare for. I gave a talk at Indie Connect on Monday and filled in for a couple of friends of mine on Radio Free Nashville on Tuesday. With all of that going on, not much time to sit down and write. So here goes:

I stopped up at Red Tree Coffee in Kingston Springs and heard a couple of terrific artists: Mike Siler from Texas, who did a great job with covers and his own material in a fine authentic country fashion (and gentle humor throughout). Also impressive was Dean Berner, of the trio Eden's Edge, in a solo outing. Also very nice songwriting and one or two good covers in his set. I will certainly watch for Eden's Edge the next time they play.

Saturday night was another in the series of Friends of Pegram Park Writers Nights (the 41st, actually!)at Fiddle and Pick. This one included a couple of friends of mine, both who will be part of my Commodore Grill birthday round on September 9: Louise Mosrie and Brandon Maddox. Louise was magnificent as always. There were a few people there who were hearing her for the first time and were, of course, blown away by her voice and songwriting skill. It was nice to not only hear Brandon, but also "Moose" back on harp...he'd been away from Nashville and music for a bit so it was a nice surprise to hear him sit in with Brandon. Brandon contines to grow stronger as a writer and singer.

Robby Hicks did a very nice job opening the evening. Jeff Miller, who I saw at the writers night here last November, also did a fine set. I must admit I spent most of the night watching his feet after he explained how he uses his Phase Sampler (looper). Using pedals to record guitar and vocal bits in layers, that essentially makes him a one-man band and he did it masterfully.

An evening standout is one to watch: young singer/songwriter Tyler Flowers. Tyler is recording a CD being produced by Pat Flynn. This fellow just absolutely stunned everyone--he is a triple threat singer, songwriter, guitar player. Tyler told me that he performs mostly as part of a band, but I and others assured him that he more than holds his own as a solo act.

This all is yet another example of the considerably strong scene also going on in the smaller Pegram/Kingston Springs area. It's worth venturing west of Nashville if you have the chance to do so.

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