Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beth Browne, Fillin' Station, Kingston Springs, TN 3/14/09

As most who know me can tell you, I tend to favor the acoustic singer/songwriter type of event such as writers nights or coffeehouse gatherings when I venture out. I don't always get to hear bands all that much. But on the spur of the moment, sick and tired of enduring dreary weather by staying indoors, I decided to head to another place in Kingston Springs I've also heard good things about musically, The Fillin' Station, to hear and support an artist who impressed me several months ago during a Commodore Grill round, Beth Browne.

Beth is just back from Los Angeles, where she attended the premiere of a new film, Junkyard Dog, which features two of her songs "Paradise" and "Little Boy Blue". Take note that this all came about for Beth when the writer/director of the movie happened to hear her songs at one of her gigs and was impressed enough to choose some for the film. Proof positive that being out there, ready and on your game and in the right place at the right time, things can happen.

Beth played a solid set at the Fillin Station with bassist and husband Terry Browne, guitarist Max McGuire, and drummer Allen Marshall. Whether she was doing covers ("Break Down Here", "Ain't No Sunshine") or material from her fine new country/bluesy CD "In Your Arms", her powerful, emotive voice brought a rousing reception from the crowd. A small bar/lounge which actually once was a gas station, the Fillin' Station was comfortable, appeared to be family friendly as well, and yeah, the patty melt was pretty good. Everyone was having a grand time enjoying the music and thanks to Beth, the whole place said goodnight to me when I had to split. Sweet.

Catch Beth on the 26th of March as part of James Breedwell's writers night at the Nashville Palace from 6-9 p.m.

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Anonymous said...

Wendy thanks for being there and thanks you so much for the kudo's.... See ya on the 26th!